Union Electric Contracting Company is a privately owned, closely held corporation, incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The company has been in continuous operation as a contractor since 1926. In that time, the company has never defaulted on a contract.

Although the marketplace has changed and our business has grown over the years, our principles and philosophy remain the same: Quality electrical construction at a fair price. The majority of our business is based on long term relationships with repeat clients.

Our major service area includes Southeastern, Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, South and Central New Jersey and Delaware. We consider ourselves to be a full-service contracting firm. We focus our efforts towards several markets, including voice/data cabling, power distribution, industrial and design-build type projects. We have worked as construction manager, prime contractor and subcontractor. We have worked nationwide in cooperative ventures with contractors from the various jurisdictions. We also have performed work locally for contractors from other parts of the country.

Our contract familiarity and expertise includes firm price competitive bid, negotiated firm price, guaranteed maximum price, and time and material. We are willing to work under any of these contract types.

We have sufficient in-house capabilities to compete in the design-build market. Our designs are forwarded to one of several consulting engineers for review, critique and approval. We use AutoCad 2008LT.

We have excellent credit, are bondable to $7.5 million and our normal insurance coverage is $2 million Primary Aggregate with $10 million Excess/Umbrella.

Our permanent office/warehouse staff includes a team of 17. We maintain a core field staff of 30, and our overall field force varies from 50 to 200, depending upon type and size of projects in progress. We maintain a fleet of 15 fully equipped service vehicles.

In 2006, Union Electric was the electrical contractor responsible for the largest solar power installation (105kW) in Pennsylvania.

Union Electric is a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association, the Electrical Association of Philadelphia, the Engineers Club, the National Safety Council, National Association of Women in Construction, BICSI and is an associate member of the General Building Contractors Association. Union Electric received the Merck Contractor Safety Award for 2000. Union Electric is certified as a WBE.

Our Mission: We will approach each day and each project with the energy, diligence and professionalism to consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations. We will provide them with safe, economical electrical installations of superior quality and workmanship, such that our customers think UNION ELECTRIC first.

Brief resumes of selected Union Electric Contracting personnel

Joined UECCO in July 1980.
Elected Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, December 1983.
Appointed to the Board of Directors, May 1984; Chairman of the Board, January 2000.
Elected Executive Vice President, October 1992.
Elected President, April 1995.
Thirty years business experience includes a strong background in banking and finance with a great deal of experience in marketing, human resources and employee benefits programs. Education includes Susquehanna University and Gibbs Business School.
As UECCO's Chief Executive/Operating Officer, maintains daily responsibility for company management and operations, and in addition creates the vision necessary to successfully prepare the company for the future.
Trustee for 401K Plan.
Accredited representative for NECA; member of National Association of Women in Construction.
ALISON BORTZ SMITH - Executive Vice President
Joined UECCO in October 1993.
Elected Secretary-Treasurer, 1998.
Elected Executive Vice President, October 2002.
Appointed to the Board of Directors, October 2002.
Acts as link between field foremen and office project managers; responsible for contract management; oversees daily office procedures.
Member of National Association of Women in Construction; accredited representative for NECA.
BARRY J. HOYT - Vice President
Joined UECCO in June 1982 as Superintendent for PECO Energy's Eddystone Powerhouse renovation and addition, job peaked at 120 men.
Joined the office staff as a Superintendent in March 1986.
Appointed Chief Estimator in May 1994 and Lead Project Manager in May 1996.
Appointed Project Manager-Estimating Coordinator in February 2000.
Appointed Operations Manager in January 2001.
Appointed to Board of Directors and elected Vice President, October 2002.
Experience in the industry includes field experience as an apprentice, journeyman, foreman, general foreman, superintendent and one year as an apprentice training instructor. Licensed electrical contractor in various Pennsylvania municipalities.
Extensive experience with complex electrical installations requiring coordination of owner, manufacturer, contractor and utility personnel; more specifically, installations involving generators, UPS equipment, switchgear, service and feeder cutovers; extensive control and troubleshooting experience. Experienced in settling manpower and union issues.
Accredited representative for NECA.
CATHY ANNE BOLAND - Secretary-Treasurer
Joined UECCO in April 2002.
Elected Secretary-Treasurer, October 2002.
Appointed to Board of Directors, October 2002.
Education includes Bucks County Community College, Chestnut Hill College.
As an accountant working in public accounting, represented UECCO as the outside accountant and auditor from 1985 until she joined UECCO in 2002.
Business experience includes a specialty in construction accounting, payroll and local taxation, and small business management.
Responsible for reviewing all legal documents, including contracts; acts as liaison between UECCO and customers to insure prompt payment for work performed; manages accounts receivable.
Trustee for 401K Plan.
Member of National Association of Women in Construction.
Joined UECCO in June 1991.
Experience in the industry includes estimating and project management for commercial, industrial and telecommunications projects.
Responsibilities include review of all required contract documents for assigned bid packages, coordination with specialty vendors, subcontractors and in-house purchasing to assure best possible bid information.
DOUGLAS W. SMITH - Estimator/Project Manager
Joined UECCO in June 2005.
Appointed to Board of Directors, October 2005.
Experience in the electrical industry. Eight years as an electrician and seven years in electrical sales.
GCIT Electrical Training.
Education includes B.A. (Political Science) - Allegheny College.
Responsible for UECCO 24-Hour Emergency Service.
Member of the UECCO Safety Committee; accredited representative to NECA.
JAMES H. KOEHLER, RCDD - Estimator, Project Manager, Co-Safety Director
Joined UECCO in 2005.
Experience in telecommunications and electrical construction, including electrical apprentice, journeyman, foreman, project manager and estimator.
Projects range from service work to multi-million dollar projects in telecommunications and electrical installations. Specialization in the installation and design of Voice, Data, and Fiber Optic cabling, termination and testing.
Certifications include: BICSI RCDD, OSHA 500.
LINAS T. SURDENAS - Purchasing Agent
Joined UECCO in 2001 and holds a B.A. in Sociology from West Virginia University.
Primary responsibilities include the creation, implementation, and management of company procurement plan. Develop, direct, and maintain fully integrated, automated aspects of department.
Over 15 years experience in the electrical construction industry and a versatile leader with a broad background in procurement, strategic planning and negotiations. Excellent in innovation management, vendor/customer relations and budget appropriation.
Previous experience in daily material and lighting sales and has worked in conjunction with outside sales representatives to maintain overall excellent customer satisfaction. Also charged with account management, proposal submission, and new account set-up.
A strong history in support of business start-up and charged to lead the daily operation of the corporation from procurement of all materials to management of subordinates.
Union Electric Contracting Co.       P: 215.643.2990  F: 215.643.9444      350 Commerce Dr., Ft. Washington, PA 19034