Union Electric Contracting Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and subcontractors, and to safeguarding our clients personnel from potential hazards during our work operations. It is our intent to provide work areas and jobsites that are free from recognized hazards that might cause illness, injury or death, and to comply with the specific safety and health standards issued by Federal, State and local authorities. These standards include, but are not necessarily limited to, the safety and health regulations for construction and related general industry regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (29CFR Parts 1926 and 1910).

The safety program has been developed as a part of our commitment. Safety is an attitude, an awareness and a continuing thought process. Consequently, we expect each and every employee to become familiar with and comply with the policies, procedures and regulations contained herein. Each employee of Union Electric is provided a copy of the Union Electric Contracting Company Safety Manual in order to become familiar with our high standards of safety.

The services we provide and the clients for whom we provide them expose us to a broad spectrum of potential hazards. Each of our clients has its own safety programs addressing its individual operations. These programs form an integral part of our overall safety effort. Awareness and compliance with these programs is mandatory to everyones well-being.

Safety is everyones responsibility. We need each individuals commitment to avail themselves of and utilize those means and methods.

  • Every project shall comply with all safety regulations required by any state and federal agency under
    which such project may be accountable.
  • All personnel of the Company, its subcontractors, employees, vendors and visitors will comply with
    the personal protective equipment requirements on each and every job where applicable. In addition,
    safety glasses shall be worn on jobs where applicable. Each subcontractor will be responsible for its
    crew being equipped with all protective and safety devices necessary to perform work in a safe
    manner and in accordance with jobsite-specific requirements.
  • Weekly tool box meetings will be held by each foreman and crew to keep workers safety conscious
    and provide an opportunity to offer comments and suggestions.
  • When an accident or near miss occurs, a meeting with the crew shall be held as soon as possible to
    discuss causes of the accident and how to prevent a recurrence.
  • A complete investigation of every accident producing damage or injury shall be conducted and a
    report filed immediately.
  • Each foreman must observe and control each operation with safety in mind. Whenever an unsafe
    act by any member of the crew is noticed, correct the individual immediately. Point out to the person
    what he/she was doing unsafely and demonstrate the correct method of operation. Help develop safe
    working habits.
  • Foreman shall make it understood that any injury, regardless of how minor it may be, must be
    reported promptly.
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