January 3, 1962

Dear Mr. Rubert:

Enclosed is the check as final payment for the work done on our construction project begun late in 1957. It has been a long road and I cannot help signing this check without a bit of gratitude that we are thru but more than anything else, thanks and appreciation for all the work and fine service your entire organization has given us.

The advice on electrical and non-electrical items, general help and always ready good judgment on construction problems throughout the entire project are most appreciated. You have always been a good friend of Chestnut Hill Hospital and you have communicated this goodwill to your entire organization.

I am glad to be sending this final check, but we always hope to have you available for further work and help.

Kind personal regards for the New Year-

Cordially yours,
J. Don Miller, Chestnut Hill Hospital

June 5, 1967

Dear Mr. McKim:

Once again a situation has occurred which requires a letter of commendation to your company for the manner in which your men here at Jefferson helped us during the recent emergency.

It so happened that I was close to the Emergency Suite job at the time of the electrical failure and met Kenny Holm, as he was rushing to check our transformer room. Of course, at that moment we were not aware of how widespread the power failure was but during the period of emergency, he and his men cooperated with our staff to provide emergency lights and to check switchgears for proper restoration.

We further appreciated your prompt action in making available to us two small gasoline powered generators which we would have put to good use had the power failure been of an extended nature.

We are most grateful for the helping hand that you extended this time as in the past.

George W. Matters, The Jefferson Medical College and Medical Center

December 9, 2008


I want to personally thank Union Electric and Urban Electric for making the substation replacement job at General Dynamics over the Thanksgiving weekend a great success! We have received back from the customer a good job from all the way up to their General Manager. Union Electric's constant support to GE over the past years has made GE truly shine in front of our customersthe one true asset to this great success over the years has been Union Electric Please tell everyone my sincere thanks! Look forward to working with you on future projects

Joseph F. Sustello, GE Energy

January 8, 2009

Hello Fred,

Your people did a great job, enjoyed having them on board. You have a good crew there keep up the good work.

Thank you & Happy New Year,
Edward C. Ehmann, GSK

March 22, 2010

In working with Union Electric Contracting Company for over 20 years, time after time, they have proven themselves to be a great business partner. Union Electric Contracting Company offers us the knowledge, skills, training, and professionalism required to ensure we receive the highest quality, safest, and most qualified installations delivered at a competitive price enabling us to meet and exceed our customers needs. Our projects range from evolving renewable energy installations to critical production Information Technology design build projects, from corporate showcases to every day office power installations, from fire alarms to advanced security systems. Union Electric has consistently delivered a quality, timely, and competitive product. Union Electric Contracting Company is a preferred vendor involved in all of our critical electrical maintenance, design build, and installation work. They do all of our solar installations, high voltage substation work, critical system upgrades, and any installation or maintenance work. They do quality, professional work; they have a comprehensive safety program and are great people to work with. They're great partners! Renewable energy provides tremendous competitive and environmental advantages in todays constantly evolving market. Partnering with someone who shares your vision, has an understanding of the intricacies of the renewable energy marketplace, possesses the technological skills, and knows the applicable codes and the industry best practices is the key to a successful project. The people at Union Electric make the difference; they go above and beyond expectations! The level of customer commitment they offer is hard to place a dollar value on!

Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP, CPE
Siemens Medical Solutions

March 23, 2010

Union Electric Contracting Co. is one of the most Professional, Courteous & Friendly organizations we deal with. From the first call to job completion there is continuing communication between our staffs which always leads to a successful outcome. We always count on UECCO for availability in any situation or emergency.

Dennis Kaufmann, Albert Einstein Medical

April 12, 2010

'It's hard to believe my association with Union Electric encompasses almost four decades. From high-voltage substations, to pharmaceutical research and production facilities, to computer centers, to communications & electronic security wiring, Union's staff has consistently provided expert installations on time and for the prices quoted as I changed careers. They seem to be able to treat both their employees and customers equally as #1.'

Leo Kob, PE, LEED AP
Sr. Project Mgr., Villanova University

April 13, 2012

Re: Fairless Hills Unit 2 Blade Health Monitor system installation

Dear : Mr. Smith

I would like to take a minute to thank your organization for the great job your men did installing the Blade Health Monitoring system on Fairless Unit 2B. Everyone on the crew worked in a professional manor, were team oriented, and safety conscious. It was a pleasure working with your organization; I look forward to future work with you.

Glen Aussiker
Site Project Manager GE Measurement & Controls

August 10, 2013

Dear Mr. Lynch:

I want to thank you and your team at Union Electric for their incredible work this past week to restore full power to our hospital. I understand that staff worked long hours in tight quarters to complete this work for us. I am sure your company is incredibly technically competent and we certainly appreciate the skill they brought to the job. However, when significant electrical issues happen in a hospital there exists an extra element of urgency. We care for very ill people on ventilators and medication pumps. Our patients require surgery. They are disabled and need a cool environment in which to rehabilitate. Your team understood that and worked for two straight days so that our patients care was not disrupted. On behalf of my team, please thank your entire team for their dedication.

Ruth Lefton
Chief Operating Officer MossRehab and Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park

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